Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well, today was a pretty relaxing day. It was a wonderful
day to sleep in and get some much needed homework done. We left for the Gamboa Resort at 12:30 this afternoon. When we arrived to the beautiful resort we had some time to walk around and admire the gorgeous view of the rain forest surrounding the Panama Canal. Several from the group went and ate at the Resort's restaurant (which took an incredibly long time and made them nervous about missing the boat tour) while several others walked down by the canal and explored. We then took a shuttle to the docks to load up our boat. When we got all of us on the boat and headed out the engine stuttered a little bit. We had turn to turn back to the shore while they fixed it pretty quickly. Then we were off to Monkey Island. It was about a twenty minute boat ride through the canal out to the first island. We saw several White-faced monkeys in the trees.

On the boat, ready for our adventure!

The tour guide would make a calling noise and eventually they jumped down onto our boat. The cutest was when we saw a mother with her baby on her back. They came onto the boat and ate food from the guide's hand. After leaving that island, we went to a different island to see the Howler monkey. We could not approach this island because the Howler monkeys are more aggressive, so we just saw them from a distance. After our rainforest adventure, we headed back to the house to work some more on projects, readings, and laundry!

P.S. Our internet is struggling so we are having some troubles posting (especially pictures). We will get the posts up as we are able! Makes us a little more appreciative of our wonderful technology back home!


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