Friday, June 8, 2007

Day 19: Our last day in Panama

Today we went to the University of Panama to do a presentation on the Panama's health system. We were divided in 5 groups: The healthcare system, Rural community health, Pediatrics, Women's health and Mental health. These presentation were presented to the University of Panama faculty, students, and the dean of the College of Nursing. They said it was great and that they liked it very much. They welcomed us to come next year and are very excited about coming to visit USF in November 2007. After that we headed to Albrook mall to do our last minute shopping and have some lunch. Then we went home to pack and then get ready to go have our last dinner together in Panama.

We had dinner at a restaurant on the causeway called "Pencas". Dinner was great. After that we spent a few minutes deciding on whether to go out clubbing or come back home. We were so tired we ended up coming back home.

We listened to some music, danced, chit chated then jumped in bed and went to sleep. We are all very excited about coming back home tomorrow.

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