Monday, June 11, 2007

From Panama to Tampa

This is us ready to go back to Tampa. Something funny to remember.....we always had to wait on the bus for people to be ready. This morning Dr. Cadena asked us to be ready by 10:30am and everyone was ready to go back home by 9am. We got to the airport around 11am and waited patiently till they started boarding the plane at 1:10p. We arrived to the Miami airport around 5:40p. We spent a long time going through immigration and customs then we headed to Chilli's where we had dinner together for the last time.

We finally left Miami around 10:40p and made it back home in 30 minutes (Waooo!). On arrival to the Tampa airport, we were the only ones on the plane applauding after landing. It feels nice to be back home!

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