Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day 17: Boca La Caja, Mobile Clinic

Today we arrived at 8:45 am to the health center at Boca La Caja and were broken up into five groups. Three groups went door to door inspecting for Dengue and risk factors such as standing water. A fourth group inspected a factory while the fifth group stayed at the mobile clinic. One of the groups that went door to door found that of the ten houses, only six passed the inspection. Of the four that failed one received a $10 citation which they will have to pay to the health center, Boca La Caja. The house that received the citation had three of the four stages of mosquito larvae. The fourth stage is the actual mostquito, itself. We actually were able to see the larvae moving in the test tube. Only one other citation was written today, which didn't go over so well as you can imagine.

The group at the mobile clinic was divided into three teams, the first of which gave the following vaccines: polio, MMR, tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, Influenza, Pneumonia, Varicella, and Yellow Fever. The second team took blood pressures while the third assisted with Pap Smears inside the mobile clinic of the University of Panama, which was donated by the Spanish government. While clients waited to be seen by the student nurses and Lourdes (our Panamanian professor), elementary school students performed traditional folk dances and sang songs for the entire community and their peers. So adorable! At 1:00 pm, we finished with the mobile clinic, but we could not return to the University of Panama due to riots. The campus was even closed for security measures. We then headed to the Multi-Center Mall for lunch and some last minute shopping. We left the mall just in time to avoid the daily downfall of rain that is similar to summers in Florida. We were very happy with our "hands on" experience and learned a great deal about community health and the Panamanian culture.
Next, we headed home to our villas to shower, nap, socialize, and catch up on our studies. Tomorrow is our last class discussion and group dinner here at the villas. We are finalizing our presentations for Friday at the University of Panama provided that things calm down there. Tomorrow morning we will stay here in the City of Knowledge to learn about UNICEF and then continue with our busy day.

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Jewell said...

Congratulations on being a part of a wonderful history-making experience. You guys are USF nursing at its finest!