Sunday, June 3, 2007

Day 13: Free Day

To wrap up the weekend, everyone took advantage of the free day. Most of us enjoyed sleeping in to recuperate from our late night out on Saturday. Our free time was spent catching up on projects and homework. Some people took a trip to the mall for more shopping, others relaxed and watched one of the three Spanish channels on the television. By the evening, we were ready to head out again. Several people had dinner at the Hard Rock Café.We took delight in the All-American food and had our fill. After Hard Rock, we walked around the mall, even though all the stores closed 30 minutes too early. We found ourselves ending up at the only place that was open, the Casino. Sandy started to play the nickel machines and ended up winning almost $15! She shared the wealth and the rest of us played off her winnings. As we left the mall, we came across a mechanical bull. Laura, the adventurous one, was the first to ride. Most of us took at turn on the bull, but we could hardly last longer than 5-10 seconds. It was all about making the memories! The night ended with a quick taxi ride home to the villas. Tomorrow, we are back to work in the Panama community.

On the BULL:






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